Fight against smoking

The main rules to stop smoking

How to quit smoking?

Through help centers

It is possible to go to a health center which offers support adapted to people who want to quit smoking. A team of specialists will help you in your smoking cessation.

By phone

Are you looking for help to stop smoking but don’t have the time or motivation to go to a tobaccologist? You can opt for the telephone accompaniment where personal coaches will be at your disposal.

By a tobaccologist

It is a health professional specializing in smoking cessation. He/She will help you benefit from the best treatment according to your case with a psychological support and a personalized follow-up.


If you have a difficult withdrawal and feel the need to share your experience with other smokers, you can join the group sessions. These are rich exchanges between people who all want to stop smoking.

Quit smoking: different methods of smoking cessation

Overcome the induced addiction

Electronic cigarette

Cigarette electronique

Nicotine substitutes

Substituts nicotiniques


L acupuncture


L homeopathie

Physical activity

L activite sportive

E-cigarette: it helps with smoking cessation

Although it increases the overall amount of nicotine absorbed, the electronic cigarette could help reduce smoking and even wean as long as it is often used. The e-cigarette is used by vaporizing a flavored e-liquid, with or without nicotine. Any smoker who does not find medications to quit smoking would be well advised to try the e-cigarette offering the vaping alternative for smoking cessation.

aide au sevrage tabagique

The coaching approach: getting rid of smoking

Many smokers try to quit smoking several times without success, hence the interest of referring to a coach to completely get rid of smoking. The coach will advise you to take the time to ask yourself and think about the purpose of your smoking cessation. It will help you find your own sources of motivation in the benefits of stopping smoking. The coach’s job will not stop when you stop, he will continue to accompany you with his anti-relapse advice.

The health benefits of stopping smoking

Quitting smoking benefits the health of smokers but also provides
positive effects on ones life and environment.

Stopping smoking and sleep

Nicotine substitutes stimulate the body and cause sleep disturbance, that’s why stopping smoking can help you get back to a quality sleep, forget the difficulties of falling asleep and the night awakenings.

Quitting Smoking and Health

As soon as you quit smoking, the lungs begin to clear mucus and smoke residue, breathing becomes easier, bronchial lashes grow back, the risk of heart attack and lung cancer decreases.

Stopping smoking and digestion

After you quit smoking, the digestive system returns to normal functioning in a month and a half on average. The intestinal transit also regains a normal rhythm that might lead to heartburn or constipation.